What we offer
Our (= myself and partners) typical product is the creation and maintenance of web-based software applications which includes consulting, systems specification, modeling and project management. Since we have acquired a variety of skills and knowledge over the years we are of course prepared for challenges in new areas as well.

Software we have created for you is completely yours (except something else has been explicitly agreed upon). This means there are no problems if you wish to alter the software on your own and as you please. Source code is not kept as a secret by us.
(This principle applies to other services of ours as well, e.g. in photography.)

Since, together with my partners, I work in a quite pragmatic way, we are allergic if it comes to idle times, unnecessary delays and pointless complications, even if it may be common in the business to write fat invoices for such (in)activities. If there are avoidable obstacles in running our projects, we tell you about it.

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