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Overview on platforms and environments upon which we can build for you
This page gives an overview on our major software systems already in use. We can build the system you wish on one of these platforms.

Safety Data Access

Safety Data Access
The Safety Data Access platform (since 2004) is a module-oriented basis for web applications. It comes with session management and user administration capabilities. You can add existing modules, have your own modules written based upon existing ones, or let us develop something completely new.
Our SDA customers first make use of existing modules to get started quickly with their projects, and later they profit from the common software parts evolution driven by other clients' projects.

matto Content Management System

matto CMS
The Content Management System has been developed since 2001. It is more light-weight than SDA and, naturally, more content-focused. But you can always have developed something completely individual which can be embedded in pages using CMS tags. In 2013 entirely re-engineered release 4 was published.

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